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Pamela Johnson

Pamela Johnson is a clicker dog trainer and educator with a B.S. degree in Kinesiology and an M.A in Education Curriculum Development. As a full-time middle school PE teacher, Pamela feels that many of her teaching skills transfer nicely to training dogs. Her passion is using force-free training methods for behavior modification and training complex behaviors and tricks. She thrives on the challenge of coming up with creative new ways to train dogs.

Pamela believes that every dog she works with teaches her more about training, patience, and, most importantly, being a better person. Pamela has traveled, presenting Canine Freestyle & Trick training seminars throughout North America and Canada. She is known worldwide for her training videos on her YouTube channel “Pam’s Dog Academy.” She posts free tutorial videos in hopes that more people discover the magic of clicker training and learn that there is a way to train every behavior with force-free methods!

Her business Pam’s Dog Academy is based in San Diego, California. She is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA).

In terms of her accomplishments, Pamela won the NewTrix Association of Pet Dog Trainers Video Award to train dogs to NOT bark at the doorbell in 2010.

Pamela has also released many DVDs through In 2014, she released DVDs titled Preparing Dogs for Competition, Off-leash Reliability Through Relationship Building Games, and Canine Freestyle Collides with Disc Dogging. Similarly, in 2015, she released Disaster Preparedness Drills and Safety Plan, A Positive Rattlesnake Avoidance Training and Safety Program, and Using Back Chaining to Train Tricks, Dog Sports, and Real World Behaviors.

Pamela taught three different Webinars and presented at the Pet Professional Guild Summit in 2015.

She has traveled, giving dog training seminars in Vancouver, Prince Albert, St. Johns, Canada, Oakland, CA, and Huntsville, Alabama. Pamela was scheduled to go to Paris, France, to give a trick and canine freestyle seminar, but she had to cancel when Twix got injured.

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