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    Twix Runs Again

    Twix Runs Again by Pamela Johnson is about the unconditional love between Pamela Johnson and her Superstar Border Collie, Twix. It is a story about their journey together after Twix herniated a disc while catching a frisbee. It was this accident that left Twix paralyzed after his emergency surgery. It is a narration of struggles and successes as Pamela and Twix inched their way through rehabilitation in an effort to ensure Twix not only walked but ran again.


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    Pamela Johnson

    Pamela Johnson is a clicker dog trainer and educator with a B.S. degree in Kinesiology and an M.A in Education Curriculum Development. As a full-time middle school PE teacher, Pamela feels that many of her teaching skills transfer nicely to training dogs. Her passion is using force-free training methods for behavior modification and training complex behaviors and tricks. She thrives on the challenge of coming up with creative new ways to train dogs. Pamela believes that every dog she works with teaches her more about training, patience, and, most importantly, being a better person. Pamela has traveled, presenting Canine Freestyle & Trick training seminars throughout North America and Canada. She is known worldwide for her training videos on her YouTube channel “Pam’s Dog Academy.” She posts free tutorial videos in hopes that more people discover the magic of clicker training and learn that there is a way to train every behavior with force-free methods! Her business Pam’s Dog Academy is based in San Diego, California. She is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA).


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    Twix Runs Again

    If you are ready for one of the most heartwarming stories of a Border Collie and his pet parent, then you are in the right place. Have a look at what Pamela Johnson and Twix’s book have in store for you by previewing the chapters below.


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    Twix Runs Again

    Pamela Johnson wants to share with the world the joy and possibilities to rehabilitate a dog with such a serious injury. Many would have euthanized their dog. In fact, most do. However, her dog is still very capable of doing many behaviors and enjoys his life to the fullest. Twix Runs Again is one of the best books to consider as self-help as well as an enjoyable book to read with your family.

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    Twix Runs Again

    The official trailer will show you how a connection and bond shared between Twix, a 6 year old border collie, and his pet parent Pamela Johnson helped him recover from a serious injury and overcome challenges through rehabilitation. Get your copy of Twix Runs Again by Pamela Johnson today.




    What Our Clients Say

    I bought this book for a friend. I didn’t have to think too hard about whether he would appreciate or enjoy it. How could he not? This is the best ever dog lover’s book. It has everything anyone could ever ask for. Watching videos is one thing, but reading their experience is another.


    Perpetual Brown

    Sales Executive

    Pamela’s story was heart-warming, intensely felt, and splendidly photographed. I often have the habit of picturing both the dog and the friend, and the book did that and much more. I want to read a follow-up of Twix Runs Again soon.


    Imran Khan

    Assistant Vice President

    My cat had the same issue, and it passed away because I wasn’t giving 110% to her. The grief and negative thoughts overshadowed the hope that I should have had. With my new pet, I’m not making the same mistake. This book is the definitive guide I needed. My prayers go out to Twix!


    Jackie Brent


    Stories need to be engaging for me while they inspire me to share them further on. It’s a kind of special to read about stories of animals that go through so much yet want to bring happiness in our lives by acting it never happened. Twix should inspire each of us to go through anything and still come out swinging.


    James Stone

    Dog Trainer



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